our services

  1. Electrical Installation and Electromontage:
    • Electrical Installation: Professional installation of electrical systems, covering design, planning, and execution. Includes wiring, lighting, outlets, and power distribution.
    • Electromontage: Specialized assembly of electrical components and devices, ensuring safety, reliability, and optimal functionality of electrical systems.
  2. Construction:
    • Facades: Professional painting and reconstruction of facades to enhance building appearance and increase resilience to weather conditions.
    • Renovation: Modernization and refurbishment of existing structures, emphasizing functionality and energy efficiency improvements.
    • New Constructions: Building new structures from the ground up, involving comprehensive construction work from project inception to completion.
  3. Assemblies:
    • General Assemblies: Assembly, installation, and mounting of various structures, components, and equipment according to client specifications and needs.
    • Precision Assemblies: Specialized assemblies focusing on precision and optimal functionality, such as in the field of technical equipment.

Each of these services is delivered in accordance with the latest standards, and our professional team is dedicated to meeting individual client needs and requirements.